Shipping information

3-7 days shipping worldwide (can be more due to pandemic)!

We send the packages from the EU (European Union). Please note non-EU deliveries may be subject to import duties. Contact your country's customs about the possible fees!


Delivery in the Christmas and New Year period of 2021

If you place your order on our website by 2:00 pm on December 20, 2021, you can still receive the package on the 23rd.

Our customer service will be suspended from December 24 to January 02, 2022. However, delivery will continue to work as follows:

  • December 11, 2021 (Saturday) - GLS works but UPS doesn't
  • December 23, 2021 (Thursday) - last day of delivery, when packages will still be delivered.
  • December 27, 2021 (Monday) - The first working day after Christmas, you can still receive packages.
  • December 30, 2021 (Thursday) - the last working day of the year at GLS, delivery works
  • December 31, 2021 (Friday) - GLS is off, but UPS works.
  • January 3, 2022 (Monday) - the first working day of the year, both the year and normal delivery begin.

Shipping destination - where do we ship?

At FansBRANDS, you can get your package anywhere in the world. With the help of GLS and UPS, all countries and places are accessible. It doesn't matter if it's Europe, Africa, America or Australia, etc. They will find you.

Shipping costs

Shipping cost depends on the destination's country, state, ZIP code and the weight, size of the package. Prices range from 13€ to 100€. To be sure check the cost on the checkout page after you choose your country. UPS measure every package itself and can even override the paid amount due to its size and weight. Please keep in mind that big orders can cost more to deliver! In this case we inform you for the possible extra costs which can be balanced e.g. via PayPal.

Customs and Duty

We send the packages from the EU (European Union). Please note non-EU deliveries may be subject to import duties. Contact your country's customs about the possible fees!

Any duty, clearance, tax or carrier charges must be borne by the recipient and we will NOT accept liability for any such costs. We are unable to advise what the thresholds and rates are for other countries as these are determined by the respective governments and can vary significantly between countries and even items. If upon delivery, there are any additional charges due our carrier will contact you to arrange payment.

Shipping time

The delivery time of your order greatly depends on the product's stock status:

  • In stock - shipping time can be 2-5 workdays. The product is available in our Formula 1 showroom in Hungary. We can process your order immediately and send the package in a day.
  • Available for order - shipping time can be 10-25 workdays. The product is available only at the the manufacturer so it takes longer to arrive to us and be shipped to you.
  • Pre-order - Unknown shipping time. Pre-ordered products are not yet manufactured, so their finishing and delivery to us depends on the manufacturer. Products of this kind will be kept in store for you. The design may slightly vary from the product images.
  • Out of stock - This product is sold out and will probably not be available anymore. Unfortunately you have missed it.

Holidays and non-working days

These days you have to count on a completely unique shipping time. . It depends on the shipping company’s schedule. You can trace your order by using the AWB number.

Shipping methods

You can choose from the following shipping options:

GLS - General Logistics Systems

In Europe your order will be delivered to you by the GLS courier service.

  • You get the shipping details via email. If you would like to change the place or time of the delivery, you can contact directly to the courier on the phone number you have received in email.

UPS Express Shipping service

If you make an order outside Europe, UPS courier service will deliver it to you.

  • You get the details via email.
  • Shipping cost depends on weight, package size and country. Inquire via email to be sure about everything!

Frequently asked questions about shipping

I have ordered several products: some are in stock and some are available for order. What happens then?

In this case, we will notify you about the availability and deliver of the products. You can decide whether to have your order delivered in one shipment or in form of partial delivery, with the available items being delivered as soon as possible, and the rest only after receipt from the manufacturer

I am placing my order now because I would like to book the products but I will only ask for shipping later. Is it possible?

Of course, we send the package when is acceptable to you. Simply add the day you would like to receive your order to the order note at the checkout page and we will try to calculate the date we should post it. Unfortunately, the courier service is the decisive factor, therefore we recommend you to contact them directly.

Is there delivery on weekends and public holidays?

Shipping and delivery are performed only on business days. If your order is placed during the weekend, we will process it on Monday and delivery occurs on the same week. On weekends it is possible to have a personal pickup in our showroom or at several Formula 1 Grand Prix units in Europe.

Can I unpack the package before I taking over it up from the courier?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If you think the box is damaged or you just want to be sure, take a video while opening the package: if something is missing or broken, you must somehow prove that the product was lost or got damaged during shipment.